Exercise #3
Responsive Editorial Page

Similar to the demo done in class, create a responsive editorial page using html and css that can work on a phone and desktop. Choose an artist, designer, musician or anyone you admire and create a mock article for them. (Grab content from existing articles or make it up completely).

    Exercise Requirements:

  1. Before coding, create a proposal wireframe of either digital or analogue means that shows how content will react from desktop to mobile and put it in your exercise directory folder
  2. Grab content for your editorial header: 1 image, 1 header and 1 sub text is required. You can pull this from an existing article or make your own
  3. Use responsive styling by setting at least 1 media query
  4. Utilize values that scale with your browser (%, vw, vh, etc)
  5. Utilize relative universal positioning (top, right, bottom, left and centering values)